Bistro K5

Bistro K5 is a cosy and inviting restaurant of the Hotel K5 Levi. The restaurant windows open up to the hotel's reindeer corral and it's you can see the playful reindeer playing tag while dining. Bistro K5's has quiet lounge with fireplace which offers a relaxing place to visit before or after your meal. You can also just enjoy drinks by the fire in comfortable sofas and seats.

Bistro K5 serves as a breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant. The restaurant's á la carte menu serves Lappish and international flavours and plenty of options from pasta to burgers with affordable prices. 

K5 Bistro Lunch menu

Buffee lunch is server from monday to friday
from 11 am to 2 pm

Weeks 50,1,4,7,10,13,16


Cheese Soup (Lf,Gf)
Mushroom Lasagna (Lf)
Frankfurter Sauce (Lf)


Spinach Soup (Lf,Gf)
Ham Casserole (Lf,Gf)
Oven baked Coalfish (Df,Gf)

Keskiviikko / Wednesday

Broccoli Soup (Lf,Gf)
Chicken with Honey (Lf,Gf)
Casserole with Pasta and Vegetables (Lf)

Torstai / Thursday

Finnish Pea Soup (Lf,Gf)
Cabbage rolls (Lf,Gf)
Cod (L,G/Lf,Gf)

Perjantai / Friday

Beetroot and Blue Cheese Soup (Lf,Gf)
Pasta Carbonara (Lf)
Paprika and Pean Hash (Lf,Gf)

Weeks 51, 2, 5, 8, 11, 14


Tomato soup (Df,Gd)
Mutton patties with herbs and creamy sauce (Lf)
Vegetable casserole (L,G/Lf,Gf)


Sweet potato soup (Lf, Gf)
Minced meat casserole (Lf)
Coconut and lime wok with chicken and noodles (Lf)


Spinach soup ( Lf,Gf)
Pork kassler with apple cider sauce (Lf,Gf) Meatballs with tomato sauce (Lf)


Finnish pea soup (Lf,Gf)
Chili sin carne (Lf,Gf)
Meat stew (Lf,Gf)


Turnip soup (Lf,Gf)
Slowly cooked beef with rosmary sauce ( Lf,Gf)
Red Perch (L/Lf)

Weeks 52,3,6,9,12,15


Tomato and Goat Cheese Soup (Lf,Gf)
Fruity Chicken (Lf,Gf)
Pork with Pepper Sauce (Lf)


Lunch is not served on 24.12.2019.

Vegetable Soup (Lf,Gf)
Carelian Stew (Lf,Gf)
Cabbage Casserole (Lf,Gf)


Chicken Soup (Lf,Gf)
Salmon with a Greek Twist (Lf,Gf)
Minced Meat Sauce (Lf,Gf)


Finnish pea soup (Lf,Gf)
Lasagna (Lf)
Vegetable Wok (Lf,Gf)


Salmon Soup (Lf,Gf)
Game Stew (Lf,Gf)
Baltic Herring Steaks (Lf)

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