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Seasons in Levi

The weather in January is averagely -14 degrees with average rain (snowfall) of 32,6mm. Statistically January is the coldest month of the year. The day is 2,47h at it’s shortest in the beginning of the month, but the days get longer by the minute and at the end of the month there’s already 5,45h daylight.

What to do in January

As the weather is too cold for skiing and outdoor activities in some of the days, you can enjoy the museums in Levi and surrounding villages as well as the Spa. There are also plenty of cafes and shops in the village. There are reindeers living in Hotel K5 premises so there’s great opportunity to put nice warm clothes on and go see them - maybe even buy some lichen and feed them!

The weather in February is averagely -13,1 degrees with average rain (snowfall) of 27,6mm. The day is 6,397h in the beginning of the month. The days get longer by the minute and at the end of the month there’s already 9,27h daylight.

What to do in February

Maybe you find speed as one of the things you enjoy? Great news, there’s plenty of opportunities for that: snowmobiles, ice carting, husky rides, horseback riding and cross-country skiing. If you like more relaxed sports maybe you’d enjoy ice-fishing trip? After any kind of activities sauna is a must.

The weather in March is averagely -8,4 degrees with average rain (snowfall) of 25,3mm. The days are long at this time of the year: there’s 13,03h of daylight at the end of the month.

What to do in March

As the days are long you have plenty of time do all the activities without worrying if it’s getting dark. Maybe hit the slopes or do a relaxing cross-country skiing trip with some snacks on your backpack. You might also like to try a hike with snow shoes. There’s fell called Kätkätunturi near to hotel K5 which is great spot for a snow shoe walk. Kicksledging is great activity to do together, as the sledge carries two! In march there’s still good change to see the northern lights.

The weather in April is averagely -2 degrees with average rain (snowfall) of 28,60mm. The day are long at this time of the year: there’s 17,03h of daylight at the end of the month. As the sunrise is already at 4.50am you might want to take your eye pads with you to help you to sleep -just in case!

What to do in April

Maybe you would like to try like something extreme? Levi offers kite-surfing which is great fun! As well as sauna with ice-swimming in bright spring sun is an experience you won’t forget.

The weather in May is averagely 4,8 degrees with average rain (snowfall) of 34,50mm. The dark hours are almost gone in May: there’s 21,30h of daylight at the end of the month. The sunset is just after midnight and sunrise is already at 2.45am, what can we say, pretty amazing!

What to do in May

What to do in May: The slopes are closing in the beginning of May, but there’s still a week or two to use your skiis or snowboard one last time. Horseback riding is nice sport all year round, but especially when it gets warmer it’s more enjoyable.

The weather in June is averagely 11,4degrees with average rain 60,00mm. The dark hours are gone from early June to late July. This time of the year with the midnight sun is absolutely magical!

What to do in June

With endless days you can play golf in the middle of night or go hiking! The Levi Adventure Park is open as well, fun thing to do with the children!

The weather in July is averagely 14,4degrees with average rain 69,20mm. The time of the midnight sun ends in the beginning of July. Still, at the end of the month it’s dark only for 4,5h a night.

What to do in July

As July is the warmest month of the year, you should spend plenty of time outdoors. You can go kayaking, fishing and do overnight hikes. Lapland offers unlocked huts in the wilderness free for everyone.

The weather in August is averagely 11,5 degrees with average rain 62,70mm. On average the hours of daylight is 16h.

What to do in August

The weather is great for playing golf, going for biking trips and take the 756 stairs to hotel Panorama by the front slope! You can easily get down with a sledge as there’s a sledge track open in summer season. There’s a beautiful scenery walk in top of Levi fell. You can get there with Gondola or hike all the way up!

This is the time to go to the forest and pick cloudberries, blueberries and mushrooms

The weather in September is 5,9 degrees with 57,00mm of rain on average. The beginning of September has plenty of hours of daylight, 14,4h. At the end of the month the days start to get shorter but it’s still 11,50h of daylight.

What to do in Septempber

It’s your last chance for water sports as the lakes usually turn to ice in October. Choose kayak, SUP or a boat and hit the lake. If you’re brave you might take a swim in the lake or river, but beware it’s not that warm! Levi village offers bikes free to use in village surroundings, but you can also rent a mountain bike for more challenging terrains. As the nights are getting darker, it’s good chance to see the Northern lights from September on!

The weather in October is -0,5 degrees with 47,30mm of rain on average. Frost is back, this is the time to pack plenty of warm clothes with you! It’s getting darker, but it’s still 9,3hours of daylight in the middle of the month.

What to do in October

Almost everyone loves animals, there’s Santa’s Pet Farm in Levi, where you can go see reindeer, horses, a cow, goat and chickens. Huskys you can meet in husky-parks near Levi. If the weather is a little rainy or stormy go see beautiful photos of the four seasons in Lapland in hotel Levi Panorama. Next to hotel Levi Panorama, in Levi Summit, you can find out about Sami people.

The weather in November is -7,2 degrees with 40,9mm of rain (snowfall) on average. It’s getting more frosty day by day! Darkness is taking over, only 4 hours of daylight in the end of the month.

What to do in November

Candle light makes evenings magical, maybe even put fire on in the fireplace? November offers plenty of events, Levi World cup as the biggest. Go see worlds’ best skiiers! The slopes are also open for snowboarding and skiing. There are plenty of restaurants and bars in the village to visit as well as movie theater in Levi Summit.

The weather in December is -11,6 degrees with 33,40mm of rain (snowfall) on average. Period of Polar nights starts in December, the sun doesn’t rise in 16 days. Still, the colors of Polar night are phenomenal!

What to do in December

Christmas and New Years, time to celebrate! You can see Santa in Levi, but if you really are a Christmas person there’s Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, 170km away. It may be cold in December, but as long as you have enough clothes on, there’s no excuse not to go outside and enjoy the crispy frozen air!

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